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Looking for the best family calendar app to organize #allthethings?

Straight from your phone?

In this post, we’re going to see if the Cozi Family Calendar fits the bill!

Maybe I’m the oddball, but I actually love using both paper and digital for organization.

I like getting my thoughts out on paper, but you really can’t replace some of the perks that family calendar apps bring to the table.

As much as I love them, paper planners will never be able to send you a reminder straight to your phone like an app can.

What is the Cozi Family Organizer?

The Cozi Family Organizer is a free app designed to help families get organized.

With Cozi you can create a shared family calendar, set reminders, make grocery lists, and more.

And it’s available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Reasons you’ll love Cozi

1. Easily create a shared family calendar

With the Cozi family calendar, you can easily create a shared calendar that’ll make it a breeze to keep up with important appointments and events.

Having ONE place to store all your appointments, field trip dates, and anything else you have to remember will make things so much easier on you.

Back in the dark age before I started really trying to be more organized, I completely missed one of my son’s appointments. It totally slipped my mind.

Ever had this happen to you?? Yes? Then you’ll love that you can set appointment reminders with the Cozi family organizer.

best family calendar app

I also love that you can color coordinate by family member. If your schedule is packed, it’s nice to be able to glance at your week and see what you have going on and which family members are involved.

And one last perk of the Cozi calendar is that you can even add your dinner plan straight to your family calendar if ya want.

best family calendar app

2. Create shopping lists

Raise your hand if you’re a list maker! Me too… you’re not alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But hey- If you’re really trying to save money on groceries… making lists is a smart move.

best family calendar app

Just like each family member (that has the app) can view your calendar, they can also view your shopping lists.

QUICK TIP: Swipe left to delete a shopping list. This took me forever to figure out, and I have no idea why!

3. Make shared family to-do lists

More lists? Yes ma’am! I am probably the world’s worst procrastinator at times… It’s gotten to the point that I literally have to sit down and make a list of everything I need to do and then go ham on it.

best family calendar app

And, you guessed it, your to-do lists can be made visible to other family members (but you can create personal ones too).

Another idea- If you have older kids with smartphones, you could create chore lists or anything else you need them to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Save your favorite recipes

I’m always saying how it’s important to track your family’s favorite recipes. It makes meal planning so much easier when you have a personalized “recipe bank” to pull from each week when you’re planning out your meals.

If printing out recipe cards and creating a recipe binder isn’t your thing, you can save your favorite recipes right inside of Cozi.

best family calendar app

Cozi has recipes you can browse within the app and add to your recipe box or you can add your own. You can also copy the ingredients for a certain recipe straight into a grocery list.

5. Share pictures & memories

The Cozi family calendar app also features a family journal where you can share pictures, memories, etc. with other family members– all in one place.

best family calendar app

Personally, my family uses Facebook messenger for this, but it’s still a neat feature for others that do not use Facebook for that (or at all).

Cozi Family Calendar – Final thoughts

All in all, Cozi is a great digital alternative to paper planners and organizers.

If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of things, organize your family’s schedules, and create a shared family calendar, I recommend giving it a try!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Create your free account and download the Cozi Family Calendar app

(They DO also have a paid version that’s $29.99 per year if you want extra features like contacts and birthdays, but I think the free version is great and will probably be good enough for most!)

What’s the best family calendar app in your opinion?

Have you downloaded the Cozi app? Do you plan to?

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