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You’ve chosen the perfect potty seat.

The dresser drawers are packed full of big kid undies.

It’s almost time to start potty training.

There’s only one last tool to add to your arsenal before you ditch the diapers for good– A cute potty training book to read with your toddler!

Why potty training books?

Books are beneficial for toddlers– Especially when they’re easy to understand and fun to flip through.

Toddlers love to imitate everything they see. If Elmo happily uses the potty in their favorite book, it’s highly likely they’ll want to give it a try too.

Reading to toddlers also helps expand their vocabulary and may even help them do better in school later on (source). It’s a win-win!

Toddler books about potty training

Here are our top picks!

1. P is for Potty!

Join Elmo as he teaches his little cousin, Albie, how to use the potty. Toddlers love looking at the pictures and lifting the flaps (over 30 flaps).

2. Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants!

In Potty Superhero, your little one will learn that superheroes only wear big boy pants. Can’t keep the diapers if you want to be a superhero!

3. Potty by Leslie Patricelli

This potty training book takes us through the thought process a toddler might have once they realize they have to use the potty. Where should they go?

4. Daniel Tiger – Potty Time!

In Potty Time, Daniel Tiger takes us through the steps of using the potty. If your toddler is intrigued by music or sounds, this one is a great choice as it has 3 buttons along the top that play sound effects.

5. Big Girl Panties

In this toilet training book, your little one will learn to say bye bye to diapers. The illustrations show a variety of colorful big girl undies she can wear instead of diapers.

6. Everybody Potties (I Can Do It)

Everybody Potties features a variety of animal characters who show us that using the potty is a big deal– Something to be celebrated even.

7. Potty Time with Elmo

Join Elmo as he teaches baby David (Elmo’s doll) how to use the potty. With 7 buttons to press for sound effects, your toddler will be excited for potty training in no time.

8. Big Boy Underpants

Big Boy Underpants encourages your toddler to say goodbye to their diapers and hello to their new big kid underpants. The illustrations even show the diaper being tossed into the trash!

9. My Thomas Potty Book

Does your toddler love trains and choo-choos? Then she’ll love My Thomas Potty Book! Join Thomas and his friends as they part ways with their diapers.

10. Duck Goes Potty

In Duck Goes Potty, we learn that even though little duck has a few accidents, he still learns that he can potty like a big duck.

These are our favorite potty training books to read with your toddler!

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Best potty training books for toddlers

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  1. Duck Goes Potty is one of our favorite books! We are currently getting ready to work on potty training my nephews and these books might just be what we need!

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