12 Easy Nursery Organization Hacks to Save Space

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After you’ve stock-piled allll the baby clothes, diapers, and other must-have baby items. It’s time to start preparing the nursery!

You’ll need to be able to locate everything quickly and easily after the baby arrives.

These nursery organization hacks will help you do exactly that – even if you are organizing a baby room with limited space.

Baby room organization ideas for baby clothes

From the teeny tiny socks to the cute little hats with ears, how do you keep it all organized so you can find exactly what you’re looking for?

1. Baby closet dividers

Need to organize baby’s clothes in the closet? One idea is to use baby closet dividers to keep the different sizes neat and separated.

2. Roll onesies to save space

Another nursery organization hack for baby clothes is to roll onesies rather than folding them how you normally would.

3. Use a hanging shoe organizer

Using a hanging shoe organizer is an easy and affordable way to organize baby blankets, diapers, and even baby clothes.

4. Hang a storage organizer in the closet

Want to maximize vertical space in the baby’s closet? A hanging storage organizer can store baby clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, and more.

5. Store too-big baby clothes in bins

Do you have baby clothes that are way too big for baby at the moment? Or maybe you’re saving some from older siblings that baby can wear later on?

Try a storage bin with windows so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

6. Organize dresser drawers with dividers

Keep baby’s dresser drawers clutter-free and easily find what you’re looking for with drawer organizers/dividers.

These are perfect for keeping tiny baby socks, mittens, and other accessories from getting lost.

If you’re on a tight budget, the plastic bins from the dollar store may also work.

Nursery organization ideas for toys and more

What about the baby toys, diaper supplies, and other misc. baby products? Try these ideas!

7. Store baby toys in a nursery hamper

Honestly, every nursery needs a hamper or storage basket!

Use it to store baby toys or as a “catch-all” for baby blankets, burp cloths, etc.

8. Hang a diaper caddy

Save space and keep all your diaper-changing supplies within reach by hanging a diaper organizer on the crib, playard, or changing table.

This one holds up to 50 diapers and can be easily folded up for travel.

9. Make a nursery organization cart

Another great way to organize your diaper-changing supplies is to turn a rolling storage cart into a mobile diaper-changing station.

10. Create a breastfeeding/pumping station

Rolling storage carts are also perfect for creating breastfeeding/pumping stations like this one:

11. Add a pocket organizer to the inside of your closet door

Another space-saving nursery organization idea is to add a pocket organizer to the inside of your closet door. Perfect for diapers and misc. baby products.

I love this one because of the large pocket space and it can’t be seen from the outside!

12. Use a cube organizer in the closet to save space

Finally, adding a cube organizer shelf to baby’s closet can also help you maximize space and keep baby’s belongings organized.

There are so many cute bins you can get for these!

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  1. These are such great ideas. I implemented the rolling cart into the babys bathroom for toys, diapers/wipes, and towels after bath time! The hamper for toys will be great as I like being able to hide all the messes when needed!

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