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I love being able to glance at my fridge to see what’s coming up during the month.

It’s the absolute easiest way to stay on top of appointments and important dates I need to remember.

Well– Other than setting up reminders in Cozi of course!

My ideal fridge calendar is a simple printable calendar like the templates I’m about to share with you below.

That’s not to say there aren’t some really nifty dry erase ones I may eventually try.

But for now, I like to just keep it simple!

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Printable Calendars 2020

These are really easy to use. Just print and fill in your events. No need to write in the dates since these are already dated.

You may also have to fill in holidays. I wanted to leave holidays up to you so that it doesn’t clutter up your calendar.


  • Year at a Glance Calendar 2020
  • January 2020 Calendar
  • February 2020 Calendar
  • March 2020 Calendar
  • April 2020 Calendar
  • May 2020 Calendar
  • June 2020 Calendar
  • July 2020 Calendar
  • August 2020 Calendar
  • September 2020 Calendar
  • October 2020 Calendar
  • November 2020 Calendar
  • December 2020 Calendar

👉 These printables are now included in the Printables Assortment Pack!

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Prefer something a little fancier? Here are some great dry erase calendars you can get on Amazon for your fridge if you don’t want to print a new one each month.

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