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Some of my BEST childhood memories come from those summer days I spent goofing off with my sister.

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost laughed until I cried while reminiscing about the silly things we did.

Those fun, random summer activities are the very things that will turn into your kids’ most cherished memories.

And, no, you don’t have to have a fancy vacation planned or spend tons of money to have a great summer and create lasting memories with your kiddos!

In fact, here are 31 ideas that even the most tablet-obsessed kid will enjoy!

Fun summer activities for kids

  • Go swimming at night. I LOVED when we did this and my son loves it too.
  • Admire the stars– Brownie points if you can identify the Big Dipper & Little Dipper!
  • Slip N slide (Pro tip: Add a tiny bit of baby oil. You’re welcome!)
  • Go camping.
  • Make homemade popsicles.
  • Walk on grass barefoot.
  • Read _____ new books. (With a prize if they complete the challenge)
  • Roast marshmallows.
  • Make fresh lemonade.
  • Splash in some mud puddles.
  • Run through the water sprinkler.
  • Have a water gun fight.
  • Have a board game night.
  • Learn how to hula hoop & have a contest.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go somewhere new.
  • Try something new.
  • Make homemade ice cream. (Nothing compares!)
  • Have some shaved ice.
  • Make slime.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Play tag.
  • Visit someone you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Find a four-leaf clover. (I found a 7-leaf once. Incredible, yes?)
  • Toss a penny in a fountain.
  • Make sidewalk chalk art.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Bake & design cupcakes together.
  • Plant something and watch it grow.
  • Pick fresh fruit/veggies or support your local farmer’s market.
  • Serve up some fresh watermelon.

Free summer bucket list printable

summer bucket list printable, summer activities for kids

Bucket list printable for summer

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summer bucket list printable, summer activities for kids

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