Free First Day of School Sign Printable 2023-2024

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It seems like the kids were just getting out for summer break and now it’s already time to start gathering up all their school supplies.

It’s time to put away the summer reading logs and stock up on homework planners.

One thing I love doing each year is taking a first day of school picture of my kids.

It’s crazy how much they grow in such a short amount of time, but it’s always fun to look back and compare.

Plan on taking your own pictures? These cute printable signs are a must-have for that perfect back-to-school photo!

Free printable first day of school signs

Below you’ll find a first day of school printable for every grade, including pre-k through 12th grade.

Simply click your child’s grade to access the PDF and print as many copies as you need!

first day of preschool
first day of pre-k
first day of kindergarten
first day of first grade
first day of second grade
first day of third grade
first day of fourth grade
first day of fifth grade
first day of sixth grade
first day of seventh grade
first day of eighth grade
first day of ninth grade
first day of tenth grade
first day of eleventh grade
first day of twelfth grade

Printable matching last day of school signs 2023-2024

You may also print the matching printable last day of school signs.

last day of preschool
last day of pre-k
last day of kindergarten
last day of first grade
last day of second grade
last day of third grade
last day of fourth grade
last day of fifth grade
last day of sixth grade
last day of seventh grade
last day of eighth grade
last day of ninth grade
last day of tenth grade
last day of eleventh grade
last day of twelfth grade

How to use these signs

first day of school signs 2023-2024

These PDFs are standard letter size. Print as is on 8 ½ x 11” paper.

Don’t forget to also print the matching last day of school signs or pin this post for later so that you can easily find it again when you need it.

Next, choose a cute frame. This step is optional, but I highly recommend it.

A sturdy frame will make the sign easier for your child to hold and prevent the sign from getting crumpled or torn.

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  1. These are so cute! Do you also have the matching end of the year ones? I like them to match for side by side shots 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. Renee Hetrick says:

    Thank you these were so cute. I try to print for my Grandchildren every year. hoping you do get end of the year that match.

  3. Love these!!! Would also like to see the end of the year to match. Thank you 🙂

  4. Angela Underwood says:

    Do you have ones for current year?

    1. Sosh | Lemons & Lattes says:

      Yes! Just finished updating to the 2021-2022 ones.

  5. Katy Miller says:

    Do you have a link to the 2021-2022 signs? I printed the first day in August but need to print the last day this week! Thanks 🙂

    1. Sosh | Lemons & Lattes says:

      Yes, I added them back. You should now be able to download and print. Let me know if you have any problems! 😊

  6. Priscilla says:

    They are so cuuute !! Thank you.

  7. What font is the year so I can change it for 2023-2024?

    1. Sosh | Lemons & Lattes says:

      Hi Keena! The updated 2023-2024 signs have now been added.

  8. Thank you so much for updating these and offering them for free!! SO HELPFUL!!

    1. Sosh | Lemons & Lattes says:

      You are very welcome!

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