Printable Heart Shape Templates

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If you’ve ever tried to draw a heart by hand, you know how tricky it can be to get both sides to look just right.

These heart shape templates make it a breeze to create the perfect heart every time.

Print these out for the kids to make Valentine’s Day cards, crafts, or any other creative projects they have in mind.

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Heart template printables

Click on the download button below each image to open up the printable PDF. Then, you may print it out at home or save it to your device.

Large printable hearts

These printables include 2 main heart shapes, each with a thin, bold, or dotted outline. You can also find a double-lined heart if you’re looking for something a little extra.

Medium heart shapes

If your project requires some medium heart shapes, these pages each have 2 hearts per page. These also have a thin, bold, and dotted outline that you can choose from.

Small heart shapes

If you need several small hearts, these heart templates are the ones you will want to print. Some of them have 6 per page. Others have 12 even smaller hearts on one page.

Heart card templates

These are perfect for writing a special message to someone whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or another occasion.

There are 2 options to choose from: One flips up (the card folds at the top) and the other opens up like a traditional greeting card (the fold is on the side).

Heart template with lines

For writing activities, sometimes you just need lines! These heart patterns are great for writing a special message or poem.

Choose between a rounded heart shape or a curvier shape – Both have plenty of writing space.

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