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Whether the goal is to read for 15 minutes every day or complete a new book by a given time frame, a reading log is the perfect way to help your child track their reading progress.

Each day they can record how many minutes or pages they read. Then, you can review and even initial the log.

Some parents may also choose to use a reward system to provide extra motivation. But, of course, that’s totally up to you and your child.

Find various printable reading log templates below, with or without a reward section.

If you like these templates, you may also want to grab a homework planner.

Undated monthly reading charts

daily reading log

These charts don’t have the names of the months, so you never have to worry about them expiring. This is convenient if you like to print multiple copies at once.

With these, you can track the date, name of the book, reading time, and the number of pages. Some also include a reward section.

Reading logs with parent signature

These have an extra column for adding parent signatures or initials.

January through December

These logs include the names of each month. All 12 months are available, and each month has its own color scheme.

Summer reading logs

Summer break is an excellent time for kids to get comfy with a great book. Since they won’t have the stress of grades and due dates, they can try a few books for fun that are more in line with their own interests.

Use these summer-themed reading trackers to help them keep track of what they read!

These pair well with a summer bucket list.

Book trackers

Use these to keep track of the number of books read (instead of pages or time spent reading). They’re perfect for older kids or adults who love to read.

Write down the title of the book, the author, and the genre. You can also give each book a rating based on a 5-star scale.

The benefits of using a daily reading log

For starters, it’s a tangible way to track your child’s reading progress and it can be quite motivating for kids – no matter the grade level.

But there are a few not-so-obvious benefits too:

  • It keeps students organized because they will know exactly what they need to do each day. They will have a plan that’s easy for them to follow. And that alone helps alleviate a lot of stress, especially when those larger book assignments start rolling.
  • A reading log encourages consistency. Over time, reading will start to get easier and easier. You already know how the saying goes!
  • What’s so great about consistency? It will help them build those reading habits.
  • It’s also an excellent introduction to goal-setting in general.
  • It’s the perfect companion for keeping track of ANY reading challenge, whether it’s for school or just for fun.

So, if you’ve been searching for some different ways to encourage your child to pick up more books, definitely try a reading chart.

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