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Monthly Habit Tracker Printable

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30-day habit tracker printable

Do you want to know the secret to crushing your goals?


It’s following through with those small daily tasks every single day.

One surefire way to stay consistent with those daily tasks is to track them.

And that’s exactly what a monthly habit tracker (like the one I’m about to give you below) will help you do.

Hold you accountable to do those small things every single day that will eventually make a BIG difference in your life!

What should I track in my habit tracker?

If you’ve never used a habit tracker before, you may be wondering what types of things you should track.

Ideally, the best daily habits to track are going to be things that benefit your health and well-being and/or move you closer to reaching your goals.

But you can honestly track anything you want.

Still not sure? Here are 20 things to rack in your monthly habit tracker to give you some ideas:

  1. Water consumption
  2. Activity/exercise/reaching a certain amount of steps
  3. Walking your dog
  4. Completing your morning or evening routine
  5. Expressing gratitude
  6. Waking up on time
  7. Going to bed early
  8. Eating a healthy meal (or meals)
  9. Hitting your calorie/carb/etc. goal
  10. Self care
  11. Practice something
  12. Work on a hobby or side hustle
  13. Read or listen to personal development or something uplifting
  14. Take your vitamins or other supplements
  15. Say something nice about yourself
  16. Family time
  17. Quality time with your partner
  18. Dishes or other household chore
  19. No electronics before bed
  20. Journal your thoughts

Monthly habit tracker printable

Free monthly habit tracker printable

How to access this monthly habit tracker printable

This 30-day habit tracker printable is included in a bundle we now call the Printables Assortment Pack. This pack includes over 50 life organization printables including printable calendars, weekly planners, and more.

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Sunday 13th of June 2021

Is there any way to get the habit tracker by itself if I don't need the whole bundle? Thanks.

Sosh | Lemons & Lattes

Sunday 13th of June 2021

Hi Kim! We don't offer the habit tracker as a single page at the moment. Maybe in the future. 😊

Ali Larsen

Tuesday 26th of March 2019

This is the perfect habit tracker. Simple, but colorful enough to be fun as well. Thank you for sharing!