Free Printable Kitchen Inventory Templates

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Are you guilty of constantly buying food without checking your pantry or freezer first?

Most households have more food stored away than they even realize.

The good news is that you can save money and reduce food waste by organizing your kitchen inventory with these free printable templates.

By keeping track of what you have and planning your meals around your existing inventory, you’ll know exactly what you need to use up and avoid buying unnecessary items!

Free printable food inventory sheets

This set comes with inventory sheets for the fridge, freezer, and pantry. There are also templates for spices and baking items.

Print the simple pink, blue, and green design, or download the ink-friendly version instead.

freezer inventory sheet

Colorful Freezer Inventory Template

freezer inventory printable

Ink-Friendly Freezer Inventory Sheet

fridge inventory sheet

Colorful Fridge Inventory Template

fridge inventory printable

Minimalist Fridge Inventory Sheet

pantry inventory sheet

Colorful Pantry Inventory Printable

pantry inventory printable

Minimalist Pantry Inventory Printable

spice inventory sheet

Colorful Spice Inventory Printable

spice inventory printable

Minimalist Spice Inventory Printable

baking items inventory sheet

Colorful Baking Items Inventory Sheet

baking items inventory printable

Ink-Friendly Baking Inventory Sheet

How do I make a kitchen inventory list?

Keeping track of the items in your freezer, freezer, and pantry is very simple. Here are the exact steps to take to get started:

  1. Remove everything from the space you want to track.
  2. Group items that are the same together.
  3. Write down the names of each item and how many of each you currently have on hand.
  4. Write down the expiration date under “use by” (Refer to this chart if you are unsure how long you can refrigerate or freeze a certain item).
  5. After using an item in your inventory, make a note of it on your food inventory sheet.

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