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Free Printable Exercise Log and Workout Trackers

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Use these printable exercise logs to track your workouts and your progress!

My husband and I have recently started our workouts back up. We print several of these templates at once, hole-punch them, and keep them in a binder. This way we can easily track our workouts and see our progress over time.

It’s so motivating to look back once a few weeks have gone by and compare where you’re currently at to where you were when you first started.

If you’re looking to get started on your own fitness journey, or if you’re trying to get back on track, these printable exercise logs will help you out. Just print them out and start tracking your workouts.

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Free printable workout logs

We use the weight-lifting workout tracker pictured below to log our sets, reps, and weights for each exercise.

If your workouts do not involve weights, you’ll also find a template below that has a place for tracking time and distance.

All 6 of these exercise tracker PDFs are free to download and print!

I left them undated, so you can print multiple copies at once to store them until you need them.

Want to save on your ink? Instead of printing them out, import them into a notetaking app, such as GoodNotes. (Side note: If you’re new to digital planners, these apps work best with iPads or tablets.)

Weekly workout log #1: Tracks time, distance, sets, reps, and weight

Do your weekly workouts consist of cardio like running on the treadmill or cycling?

This template allows you to track the time and distance in addition to sets, reps, and weight.

This is the perfect exercise log to use if your weekly workout schedule consists of different types of workouts. For example, maybe you do strength training 3x per week and cardio 2x per week.

With this tracker, you can keep track of all your activities in one place.

printable exercise log

Download it here.

Weekly fitness log #2: Tracks activity, time, distance, sets, reips, and weight

This design is similar to the previous one since you can also track time, distance, sets, reps, and weight.

However, there are a few key differences.

With this one, you can choose the current month instead of writing in the “week of” date. If you only exercise a couple of times per week, this could help you save on paper.

This exercise tracker is also ink-friendly since there are no bold colors.

printable exercise log

Download it here.

Weekly exercise log #3: Tracks exercise, time, distance, sets, reips, and weight

This log is exactly like the previous one, but it has “Weekly Workout Log” in a different font.

printable exercise log

Download it here.

Workout template printable #4: Weight-lifting tracker

This is the exercise log my husband and I use. It was designed for strength-training workouts. You can track up to 5 different exercises, the weight used, and reps for up to 5 sets.

If you need a tracker with space for more than 5 exercises, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

printable exercise log

Download it here.

Daily exercise log #5: Tracker for lifting weights

This one is identical to the previous one but has a cursive font instead. I feel like this font gives it a slight feminine touch, but I like that it’s still minimalist and ink-friendly.

printable exercise log

Download it here.

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Saturday 11th of September 2021

Yay! I hope they work well for you!

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Tuesday 26th of March 2019

I look forward to using this to keep track of my physical activity.