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52-Week Money Challenge Printable 2023

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Are you saving for a family vacation to the beach?

Maybe you’ve got your eye on a shiny new fridge and you want to be able to pay cash for it rather than slapping it on your credit card.

Or – maybe you’ve just decided it’s time to stop procrastinating on that emergency fund you’ve been thinking about.

Either way, if you’re looking for some extra motivation, using a 52-week money challenge printable might be the “kick in the pants” you need.

By the way, if you need to organize your monthly bills, you can also snag a free printable to help you with that here. And, if you need help starting a budget, you can grab a free planner for that here.

What is the 52-week money challenge?

I’m unsure whose original idea it was, but the 52-week savings challenge has been around for a while.

When it first started circulating, the most popular version of it was a very simple $1378 savings plan. It started you off by saving only $1 – yes a single dollar! Anyone can do that, right?

Each week, the amount you saved would increase by one dollar. So, on the last week of the challenge, you would save $52, bringing your total to $1378 if you had been following the challenge consistently.

You can certainly follow that plan if you want. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to that particular savings plan in order to do this challenge.

How the challenge actually works:

You can choose any money goal you want, as long as it’s a realistic amount for you.

If you want to save $1000 in a year – or $3000 or $5000 in the next 52 weeks – you can take this challenge and use the savings plans below as a guide to help you accomplish this.

And, if you have a number in mind that we don’t have a plan for, you also have the option of printing a blank 52-week money challenge printable instead.

Save as much or as little as you want with these worksheets!

When is the best time to start the 52-week challenge?

It’s true that most people start around New Year’s, but that’s not a requirement.

You don’t have to wait until the very beginning of the year to get started. You can start a fresh challenge any time you want.

There’s no better time than right now if you are ready to start saving money.

Tips to be successful with the challenge

Here are a couple of key tips to keep in mind to help you succeed in this savings challenge:

First, start with a realistic goal in mind. A realistic goal for you may look a lot different than it does for someone else, and that’s perfectly okay.

If you are currently not saving any money, your goal for this challenge may be to save $20 per week.

On the other hand, if you are already saving $50 per week, your goal may be to increase that and challenge yourself by following the $3000 savings plan, for example.

Next, just as you would with any other personal goal – I’ve found that it’s really helpful to get clear on why want to achieve this particular savings goal.

What’s your motivation for doing this? Is it to save up for a down payment on a new house? To pay cash for a certain item?

Also, brainstorm the steps you plan to take that will help you to achieve this. Will you need to cut back on eating out or something else?

You’re much more likely to be successful when you have a plan! (Need help brainstorming? Grab these sheets before you head out.)

52 weeks money challenge printables

Choose the printout you prefer below to get started.

Each week, you’ll deposit a certain amount (depending on your goal) and then record that amount on your tracker.

Each printable is available in both a pink, blue, and green design and an ink-friendly version.

So, you can still use these if you aren’t a fan of the bright colors and you’re trying to save your precious colored ink!

Blank 52-week money challenge printable

If you are looking for a blank savings challenge printable so that you are not limited to saving a certain amount each week, you will want to print one of the trackers below.

The first one is numbered for weeks 1 through 52, but with this one, you have the freedom of writing in the amount you are depositing (or saving) each week.

So, if you’ve found a different plan somewhere else and you just need a way to keep track of your progress, definitely grab one of these templates.

If you want a blank savings tracker that’s a little more fun, there’s a bubble chart you can snag instead.

With this one, there are 52 bubbles for you to track how much you’re saving each week.

blank 52 week money challenge printable

Download the blank 52-week money challenge printable.

blank 52 week money challenge printable

Download the ink-friendly version.

blank 52 week money challenge printable

Download the blank 52-week savings bubble chart.

blank 52 week money challenge printable

Download the ink-friendly bubble chart.

$1000 savings challenge

If you are looking for a 52 week savings plan PDF to print out and follow along with instead, this tracker is an easy way to save an extra $1000 in a year.

With this plan, the most you will have to put aside is $20 per week.

This is a good savings plan to follow if you are on a tight budget but still want to save money for an emergency fund or anything else.

There’s also a bubble chart version – once you have made your weekly deposit you can color in the bubble. Before you know it, you’ll have colored in all 52 bubbles and saved an extra $1k.

$1000 savings challenge

Download the 1000 savings challenge.

$1000 savings challenge

Download the ink-friendly version.

$1k savings challenge

Download the $1k bubble savings tracker.

1000 savings challenge

Download the black-and-white version.

$3000 savings challenge

Want to challenge yourself to save a bit more? This printable has one goal and that’s to help you save $3000 in a year. This plan has you saving up to $80 some weeks, but not every week.

In other weeks you will save as little as $24. Not bad for a total of $3000 in 52 weeks, right?

There’s a fun bubble tracker for this plan also.

$3000 savings challenge

Download the 3000 savings challenge.

save 3000 in a year

Download the ink-friendly version.

$3k savings challenge

Download the $3k savings plan (circle chart).

3000 savings challenge

Download the black-and-white version.

$5000 savings challenge

If $5000 sounds more like it, this savings tracker will get you there, as long as you follow it consistently of course.

This chart is a bit more challenging since you will be saving $200 in some weeks. Other weeks are much easier since you’ll only need to deposit $50.

If you stick to it, you’ll have $5000 in a year by the end of this challenge.

$5000 savings challenge

Download the 5000 savings challenge.

save 5000 in a year

Download the ink-friendly version.

$5k savings challenge

Download this $5k savings plan printable.

5000 savings challenge

Download the ink-friendly version.

$10000 savings challenge

If you’d like to push yourself even more and save $10000 in 52 weeks, there’s a savings plan for this amount as well.

While it is much more challenging, this plan is very simple. You will save $200 for the majority of the challenge and then $100 during the last month.

If you are consistent, you will have a whopping $10000 once you’ve completed the challenge.

$10k savings challenge

Download the 10000 savings challenge.

10000 savings challenge

Download the ink-friendly printable.

$10k savings challenge

Download the $10k savings chart (circle tracker).

10000 savings challenge

Download the black-and-white version.

Whether your goal is to save 1000, 3000, 5000, or 1000 in a year, these money challenge printables will help you track your progress and stay motivated to follow through.

Remember, if you need to save a different amount or want to create your own plan, you can always grab the blank template instead.

If you’re not quite ready to start the challenge right now, you can also pin this page for later!


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