16 Cute Chore Charts for Kids (Free Printables)

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Constantly having to remind your kids to do their chores?

A chore chart might be just the thing you need.

I’m a huge fan of these charts because they give kids a clear view of what tasks are lined up for each day.

And, as they complete each task and mark it off, it’s like a little victory for them and they feel accomplished. So, it’s really a win-win.

Plus, with some charts, you can even get creative with personalized incentives.

Simple chore charts you can print

If you’re just looking for a basic responsibility chart that includes a few spaces for responsibilities and a checklist for each day of the week, these are perfect for that.

cute chore chart printable
cute chore chart printable
cute chore chart printable with reward
cute chore chart printable with reward and notes

Chore chart for 2 kids

These templates allow you to make a chore list for 2 kids on the same page. There are 2 spots to write their names as well as their chores.

And, there are checkboxes for every day of the week – Sunday through Saturday.

family chore chart for 2 kids
responsibility chart for 2 kids

Chore chart for 3 kids

These templates includes enough space for you to add chore lists for 3 kids. You can also write the date at the top if you want.

family chore chart for 3 kids
responsibility chart for 3 kids

Kids’ chore charts with daily and weekly chore lists

These templates have sections for both daily chores and weekly chores.

So, maybe there are a few tasks that don’t necessarily have to be completed on a certain day. Keep track of those too!

printable chore chart
printable chore chart
printable chore chart with reward
printable chore chart with reward
cute printable chore chart with reward
cute printable responsibility chart with reward

Landscape chore chart for 3 kids

If you prefer a landscape layout instead, these have room for 3 kids and you can also write in the date.

Like the others, choose between 2 different headings.

family chore chart for 3 kids
responsibility chart for 3 kids

How to make a chore chart for your kids

You can certainly print new paper copies each week, but if you want to save on your ink, you may want to consider printing once and laminating your chore chart.

Self-laminating sheets make this extremely easy to do.

Laminating also makes it sturdier and you’ll be able to write on it.

I really like this method because once you’re finished, instead of having to print new pages, you can just wipe off the checkmarks and start fresh for the week.

Once you’ve finished with that, the only thing left to do is assign some age-appropriate chores.

What chores are age-appropriate?

It is important to make sure that the chore chart is age-appropriate and realistic for your child. It’s supposed to be fun and encouraging!

Here are a few ideas:

Age-appropriate chores for toddlers (2-3 years old):

  • Pick up toys
  • Put clothes in the hamper
  • Dust (feather duster or sock on hand)
  • Help wipe up messes
  • Help put clothes in the dryer

Age-appropriate chores for preschoolers (4-5 years old):

  • Match socks
  • Help take care of pets
  • Clear and set the table
  • Empty small trash cans
  • Help put laundry away

Age-appropriate chores for elementary age (6-9+ years old):

  • Sort and fold laundry
  • Help put laundry away
  • Help pack school lunches
  • Sweep
  • Wipe counters

Try to avoid being vague with the chores you assign. The more specific you can be with their chores, the better!

You want to give them actual things they can do and check off their list.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for this! We are using it as our home school check off & I love the simplicity and the cute toucan.
    Much love!

  2. Diane Taber says:

    Hi I would just love to have some of the lovely printables please as we really really need them to start getting organised at home.

    1. Lemons & Lattes Team says:

      They are all free to download! Just click the download button below each image. 🙂

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