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Chore Chart Printables (Includes Chore Chart for Multiple Kids)

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A responsibility chart (or kids’ chore chart printable) is an easy way to make chores a little more fun and exciting for kids.

And that’s crucial! Let’s be honest– Most kids would rather browse YouTube or play a game than take out the bathroom trash.

Chore charts are also great for practicing positive reinforcement as a parent.

Maybe they will get a small reward for completing their chart for a week/month, for example.

Or, you could introduce a system where they get points or vouchers for completing their chores. These points/vouchers can be cashed in for various fun things.

The options are endless!

What’s included in this kids’ chore chart bundle?

This bundle includes 8 printable chore charts for kids.

Let’s take a look.

Chore chart for multiple kids (up to 2)

Chore chart for multiple kids (up to 3)

Chore chart with daily and weekly chore list

Landscape chore chart for multiple kids (up to 3)

Creating a DIY responsibility chart

Want to be able to use your chart over and over again without having to print new copies each week?

Self-laminating sheets make this extremely easy to do.

Avery 73601 Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, 9 x 12 Inch, Permanent Adhesive, 50 Clear Laminating Sheets
  • Quickly and easily laminate important documents without a laminating machine; save time and money without sacrificing professional quality results with the easy peel backing

Laminating also makes it sturdier and you’ll be able to write on it with a dry erase marker.

Once you’ve finished with that, the only thing left to do is assign some age-appropriate chores.

What chores are age-appropriate?

Age-appropriate chores for toddlers (2-3 years old):

  • Pick up toys
  • Put clothes in the hamper
  • Dust (feather duster or sock on hand)
  • Help wipe up messes
  • Help put clothes in the dryer

Age-appropriate chores for preschoolers (4-5 years old):

  • Match socks
  • Help take care of pets
  • Clear and set the table
  • Empty small trash cans
  • Help put laundry away

Age-appropriate chores for elementary age (6-9+ years old):

  • Sort and fold laundry
  • Help put laundry away
  • Help pack school lunches
  • Sweep
  • Wipe counters

Just remember– The more specific you can be with their chores, the better!

How to access these printable chore charts for kids

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More chore charts for kids

I love printables– But if, after reading over this, you think you’d rather just purchase a magnetic chore chart or you need a single chore chart for multiple kids, here are a few of our top picks from Amazon.

Roscoe Learning Responsibility Star Chart

Roscoe Learning Responsibility Star Chart | Customize for 1-3 Kids | Magnetic Chore Reward System
  • BUILDS RESPONSIBILITY – Helps children set goals and work toward achieving them. Visual rewards help children track progress and share their success with you!

Magnetic Behavior Chalkboard Rewards Chore Chart

Magnetic Chore Chart Chalkboard & Reusable Dry Erase Calendar Set – Organizational Reward Planner - Family Planning Board - Kids Responsibility Reward Cleaning Chart – 11” x 17” (Lushleaf Designs)
  • Great tool for the family to keep everyone organized and accountable. Can be used as a chore chart for multiple kids, behavior chart, sticker chart, or chore board for adults.

Kenson Kids “I Can Do It” Reward and Responsibility Chart

Kenson Kids "I Can Do It" Reward and Responsibility Chart, 11 X 15.5-Inch
  • INCREASED INCENTIVES: Having trouble getting your kids to pick up after themselves. Are you endlessly prompting them to do their homework. Wouldn't you love to hear please and thank you more often. The "I Can Do It." Reward Chart can help. Children thrive on praise and a little incentive goes a long way. This chart gives parents the tools to help raise more responsible, self- reliant kids.

Magnetic Behavior/Star/Reward Chore Chart

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart
  • MAGNETIC RESPONSIBILITY CHART: The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart includes a pair of fabric-hinged dry-erase boards with 89 magnets featuring behaviors such as “Clean Room,” “Set Table,” and “No Teasing,” as well as rewards.

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