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Vertical Weekly Planner Template (with goals)

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Printable weekly planner template with vertical columns

Tired of approaching your weeks willy nilly and getting nothing done?

It’s time for a plan!

For this template, I wanted to make something that had vertical columns (my favorite!) and space to write your top 3 goals for the week.

And, of course, it needed to have a liiiittle splash of color– But not so much that it would drain your ink.

(Prefer a horizontal layout? This template might be a better fit for you!)

When it comes to planners, I know there really isn’t a one size fits all– so I’ve included a few options for you to choose from.

Lines or no lines? Sunday or Monday start? The choice is yours! 🙂

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Cute weekly planner printable (with lines)

Honestly, I love columns with or without lines. I guess it just depends on my mood.

Prefer yours to be lined?

vertical weekly planner template

Cute weekly planner template (no lines)

Rather have a bit more space and freedom? Skip the lines altogether!

cute weekly planner printable

How to access these printable weekly planner templates

These printables are included in a bundle we now call the Printables Assortment Pack. This pack includes over 50 life organization printables including printable calendars, weekly planners, and more.

👉 Check out the Printables Assortment Pack.

Happy planning!

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